Lets' show our spirit and support to Mr.Takayama

On May 4th at DDT show in Toyonaka, Yoshihiro Takayama was injured during his match. He was diagnosed with Completely Damaged on Cervical Spinal and Degenerative Cervical Disease. He is currently having difficulty on his recovery and rehabilitation. His situation is currently not moving down from the shoulder.

We are now launching supporting HP called "TAKAYAMANIA" in order to show our support for Mr. Takayama.

From massive support and cooperation with different pro-wrestling promotions, we are starting to set donation boxes at the show, sell supporting merchandise and charity matches at different venues.

Future activities and updates will be given through our blog at: http://ameblo.jp/takayama-do/

We appreciate your cooperation. Thank you.

The donations will be used to cover Mr. Takayama's treatment and other expenses.

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